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"Cruising the Oceans of the World" ...

This blog is a personal account of my adventures while cruising the oceans with my sailingboat "GEMINI". The original website solely in the Dutch language, was set up to keep my closest family and friends informed. As the years passed, while meeting a growing lot of English speaking ´yotties´, it became desirable to have an English version as well.

"Gemini" is a Frisian 46, designed by Dick Koopmans sr., a well-known Dutch designer. She is cutter-rigged, has a steel hull and was built in 1986. In the summer of 2002 I bought her in Ayvalik, Turkey, then skippered by Robert, a Dutchman living in Germany. He had sailed her across the Mediterranean in the course of years. With a winterstop in Portugal we sailed Gemini back to Holland. During the winter of 2003 I prepared the boat, with the help of friends, for a long voyage and left Rotterdam in the summer of 2004.

With changing crew we crossed the Atlantic in 2005, cruised the northern Caribbean islands, circumnavigated Cuba and ended up in Curaçao, where Gemini was left on the hard for the hurricane season. In 2006 the Venezuelan coast and islands were visited and once again Curaçao was chosen as a stop-over. The next year, after a delay as a consequence of sudden necessary repairs, we sailed to Colombia and crossed the Panama canal in may 2007. Starting from Ecuador I crossed the Pacific singlehanded and left the boat at the Polynesian island of Raiatea, due to problems with the windvane. In 2008, after much boat work, I continued cruising the South Pacific with all its magical islands, and checked into New Zealand on 26 November. I left Gemini on the hard once again to return to Holland to work as I had done the previous years. My job is in forensic psychology, which I can perform, fortunately, on a freelance basis. This time, after I decided that Gemini needed a major refit, I skipped a cruising season and have been working in Holland for almost a year. I intend to return to New Zealand the end of January 2010.

With this sailingblog I expect to keep you updated of the logs of the legs sailed, though not as regular as on the website. I hope, reading these pages, you will be inspired and encouraged to live your own ambitions, unless of course you do so already.
If you have any thoughts please feel free to contact us by using gmail of my brother Robert. He designed this blog, as he did the original website.

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